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  1. B

    Should the US commit forces to directly combat Russia in Ukraine?

    Now that we're 5 days into the battle for Ukraine and several people have advocated for more direct intervention in the conflict I felt it was time to see how popular this opinion was. Polling data from earlier in February was 33% for, 34% against. What's the mix here at Anandtech? Please...
  2. ultimatebob

    I think that we need a Coronavirus Poll on when the quarantine ends in the US!

    With all of the negative news coming out regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, I think that we to should try to spin this into something interesting and thought provoking. Therefore, I'm creating a Poll! Please take your best guess as to when the Coronavirus Quarantine ends in the US, and...
  3. IronWing

    Be free!

    Response to the poll and then state what you think the results mean (or do it the other around or do or don't do something totally different). Be yourself (unless you don't want to).
  4. PeterScott

    CPU Core Count Mania. What do you need more cores for?

    When I think about getting a new computer and the amount of CPU cores I would like, I look at what I do, that actually fully loads my current quad core CPU. It's really only two things for me: 1: Video Encoding 2: Gaming Video encoding is fully parallel, it will use all the cores you can...
  5. UNCjigga

    Poll: Who should direct *the* definitive movie about the Trump campaign and presidency?

    We all know it's coming. There is just way too much material to not have some sort of epic biopic about the Trump campaign and his Administration. Hell, I think it would make for a very interesting trilogy--early Trump & success, then the campaign/win/inauguration, then the downfall. This could...
  6. petrusbroder

    Which projects to vote for in the Pentathlon Race?

    OK, folks it is that time of year again. Before I register the TeAm in the race we need to decide which projects to vote for. Here is the link to the rules and thus how to select projects. Discussion is encouraged. Deadline for registration and voting is April 27, 2018. Deadline for...
  7. IronWing

    10,000 Genkis Khan calvry vs 1 Abrams Tank: Who wins? With the Gosh-dang Poll!

  8. IronWing

    What is the best kind of music?

    There can be only one.
  9. brianmanahan

    is vacation better solo, or with one or more other people?

    i've always gone on vacations alone. in some ways it's nice because i can just do what i want, and stuff isn't as expensive. but sometimes it gets weird not saying anything besides "hi" to people for a week or two. so what does ATOT think?
  10. Ken g6

    POLL: I voted early. Who else?

    I voted today. :) Who's voting and when?