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  1. O

    Question Which Operating System you like the most?

    I'm doing my research on what people like about operating systems and which is best in terms of performance. Kindly share your Thought about each operating system you people are using and what you like the most in terms of performance, features, security and others.
  2. Pyrrho

    Question How safe? External clean SSD with Win 10 installed -> Plugged to laptop with infected HDD

    Could someone well-versed in software security explain to me "realistic" results of the following theoretical situation? I have a laptop with win 10 infected intentionally by an average programmer to steal user's data. I also have an external SSD with Win 10, installed and set-up on a...
  3. D

    Discussion Pastiche to Linux distros

    Linux has always been more for technology hobbyists who want to learn how software works inside and out, and then create new software afterwards (whether it'd be individual programs or a whole OS). While there's nothing wrong with people using it for that purpose, and I respect the people who...
  4. C

    Best OS to realease new versions in the future and to support newer hard disk for example Solid-State Drive (SSD)?

    Hi, Among monolithic, layered and client-server OS, which one is the most suited in this situation? Why?
  5. S

    Innovative ideas for secure the operating system

    Hey my lovely community, i am working on my master thesis, which is about secure the operating system. My task is to find new ideas about secure the operating system. Now i ask you, if you got any ideas to secure the operating system? You ideas dont need to be perfectly thoughtful. I just need...
  6. A

    Upgraded PC, but what about Operating System?

    So I had an older computer running windows 7. I recently decided to buy a bunch of new parts (motherboard, cpu, gpu, power supply) so I could game better. However, understandably, after I upgraded, my OS didn't come with my computer. I had to load a version of Windows 7 on USB just to run my...
  7. M

    Partition Boot Record bootstrap code

    I've read in many sources that Partition Boot Record/Record is written upon formatting a disk partition and contains machine code for bootstrapping specific OS. My question is how a formatting tool like DOS format command can write specific OS bootstrap while it only formats not installs...
  8. M

    MBR and boot loader code

    As i know MBR is created when we partition the disk. According the the doc: And here is my confusion. How can MBR contains a boot loader for the installed operating system while when we partition the disk there isn't any system installed yet?
  9. grandpaflo

    Tails Linux 2.6 is out (Sept 20, 2016)

    - Announcements https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tails-26-out https://twitter.com/Tails_live/status/778369935684829184 https://tails.boum.org/news/version_2.6/index.en.html https://mailman.boum.org/pipermail/amnesia-news/2016-September/000113.html - Home https://tails.boum.org/ - Tails 2.6...
  10. Y

    99% of business machines have not upgraded to Windows 10, according to study

    Yeah, that figure seems about right, at least compared all the companies I deal with which none plan to move from Win 7 thankfully. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/99-of-businesses-have-not-upgraded-to-windows-10-according-to-study/?ftag=TRE20d3f17&bhid=88132330