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  1. A

    Audio Problems (Solved)

    I thought my old headset broke so i brought a new mic, the new mic (blue snowball) installed all the drivers it came with but still doesnt work. However i just plug that headset in another pc and the mic stilled worked. So im wondering it is possible that like i muted my whole pc from picking up...
  2. SeanTek

    Z270 (or X399) mobos with quality Microphone Input (Mic-In)

    There's a lot of variety in the Z270 motherboard space, and at the high end, motherboards try to differentiate themselves with high-quality audio components. But do any of these motherboards have quality 3.5mm (1/8") Microphone Input (Mic-In) jacks? By quality, I mean that there is no...
  3. MajinCry

    Quality attachable mic for headphones?

    A while back, I used some Shure mic attached to a stand. Quickly got sick of having this phallus hovering in front of my face, so I'm looking for something more practical. Apparently, there are mics that you can attach to your headphones. I've the Seinnheiser 598 SE, and boy does it sound good...
  4. R

    Windows 10 cuts off USB headset microphone

    I'm having an issue I thought was isolated to my Kingston Hyper X Cloud II headset; the microphone keeps turning off after a few minutes of use. Windows reports no errors. Nothing. The only thing I notice is while sitting in the recording devices tab the mic is working and then it just stops. As...