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  1. M

    No More Desktop Clutter, Macbook Pro M2 Swap

    Macbook Pro 16" M2 Max with Monduo 16" Screens
  2. FlameTail

    Question Is it possible to overclock an Apple M1 chip?

    Is it possible to overclock an M1 / M1 Pro / M1 Max chip ? Has anyone done this ?
  3. T

    Question Macbook pro wont turn on no matter what

    My Macbook pro 2011 was water damaged, i ended up fixing it with alcohol and It started working. it ended up being that the battery was faulty anyways so i would disconnect it and the Macbook would run on full speed. So I ended up getting another battery and it would work but the trackpad and...
  4. ultimatebob

    Question Is the new 16" Macbook Pro really worth $2,400?

    I mean... it looks nice, has a nice keyboard again (finally), and even the base model has decent hardware specs. But... is it really worth $2,400? I can get a Dell XPS 15 with similar hardware specs for around $1,700. Has anyone here got one of these yet? If so, what do you think?
  5. J

    Amazon Lightning Deal - iPhone Charger, Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable 3ft - $6.79 iPhone Charger Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable, [3ft Apple MFi Certified] USB Charging/Sync Lightning Cord Compatible with iPhone 11 11 Pro 11 Pro Max Xs MAX XR X 8 7 6S 6 5, iPad and More Lightning Deal priced at $6.79 No referral links...
  6. M

    Which processor is better: 2017 MacBook Air's Core i5 vs 2017 MacBook 's Core M3 Kaby Lake version?

    I was reading about processors, but I’m a bit confused. I read that Core M processors are less powerful than full Core i processors because they are designed for mobile devices while the full Core i’s were designed for laptops and desktops, so I initially took that as the Air's Core i5 being...
  7. S

    MacBook for video / photo editing

    I currently have: 2009 13" MBP, 2010 21" iMac, 2012 11" MacBook Air. None are powerful enough for video editing as I (learn how to) edit 4K videos from my DJI Mavic Pro (awesome piece of kit, btw!). I'm also an aspiring photographer so I want to dive deeper into Lightroom, photo editing, etc...