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  1. ultimatebob

    So, what stuff do you watch on YouTube?

    There isn't much to watch on TV this time of year, so I've been looking for stuff to watch on YouTube. I've been finding the MRE reviews from Steve1989 to be oddly amusing. That guy eats stuff from World War II era rations, which is pretty crazy. I've also been digging LGR (Lazy Game Reviews)...
  2. ultimatebob

    Announcing the Coolcoin mini Computer contest!

    I am proud to announce the Coolcoin for Cool mini Computer Contest, or the "Quad C" contest for short! I will be awarding Coolcoins (the official moderator approved cryptocurrency made famous by our OT forum) to anyone who comes up with a really cool unique project that uses a small single...
  3. ultimatebob

    Google Assistant = Skynet?

    The AT in the latest version of Google Assistant in Beta is now smart enough to have phone conversations with restaurants and hair salons in order to make reservations. A demo is here...
  4. ultimatebob

    Hell has frozen over, Kodi is available for the XBox One

    It's true... everyone's favorite extendable streaming/pirate movie platform is now available for download on the XBox One. I find this kind of amusing, after all of the efforts Microsoft made to block people from installing XBMC (Kodi's predecessor) on the original XBox. This can't be good for...
  5. ultimatebob

    Google Home Mini... basically free after discounts

    Google's Walmart store is currently selling the Google Home Mini for $29 with a $25 Walmart gift code: That brings the price down to about $4 plus tax. There is also a $10 coupon out there if you look for it...