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  1. Fanatical Meat

    We took all of ISIS’s Oil?

    First I could be wrong Second At 9:40am I think I heard the President say we took all of ISIS oil, we took billions of it and ISIS doesn’t have money anymore so we left. Sirius MSNBC channel I suspect ISIS didn’t have any oil so maybe we did take it all
  2. norseamd

    Terrorist attack in Iran

    A new chapter in Islamic Terrorism is now here. If ISIS starts launching terrorist attacks in Iran then we are about to see Iran being pushed to be even more involved around the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria. Even more worrying could be even more fuel being dumped on the fire that...
  3. Jaskalas

    ISIS Defeated in Iraq

    ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi acknowledges defeat in Iraq ...ordered non-Arab fighters to either return to their countries or detonate themselves Many of ISIS’ leaders in Iraq has now fled towards the group’s controlled areas in neighboring Syria U.S.-backed Iraqi forces close in on IS-held Mosul...
  4. norseamd

    2017 Political Predictions

    Here are the 2017 political predictions from Caspian Report and Iam Bremmer. Caspian Report is predicting Trump focusing mostly on destroying shit, NAFTA staying around, few illegal immigrants actually getting deported, and Trump probably getting impeached if he fucks up too much of the...
  5. norseamd

    The Caucasus Stirs .....

    Looks like the Caucasus is returning to its old self. Hundreds of militants have been arrested in Chechnya, and numerous shootouts have happened in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan. But it gets deeper than just all of that. ISIS has come to the lands of ISIS itself, no Arab infiltators...
  6. norseamd

    What you havent seen

    As usual, a few get glitz and glam, and the rest get ignored and neglected. Also, Ali Daqneesh just died from his injuries.