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high temp

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    7700k + CM 212 + Prime95 = 90C :(

    This is my latest build to play some Andromeda but after doing assembling the whole PC there seems to be some problem with the 7700k or the contact between it and the 212 or is this what you all are getting? In my search I can see that 7700k with CM 212 are getting around 70-80C max but then...
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    My CPU actually gets cooler when under load and idles at 65C

    Like the title says, my CPU is getting colder when I subject it to a CPU-Z stress test. Problem: CPU idles at 65C, one time it idled itself up to 98C safety shutoff and BSOD. Under CPU-Z stress test load it drops to 55C. Core Temp and SpeedFan show vastly different temperatures (see SS)...