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  1. H

    Random or intermittent hangs and frame drops with nVidia Card [SOLVED]

    In an effort to be a good citizen of the net, I am posting how I resolved an irritating issue. Some time ago I bought a 1080 Ti and recently purchased a 144hz Gsync monitor. About 4 weeks ago my computer would 'hang' or drop frames to 0 fps for 1 to 3 seconds during gaming. It didn't happen at...
  2. M

    Hanging Punching Bag

    Hello everyone? Im trying to find out a safe way to hang a 70 pound Punching bag to a Ceiling in a Bedroom apartment building. There wouldn’t be any access to attics do to it being a housing project. It’s in a 3rd floor apartment. Im pretty sure their should be a beam in the center of the...
  3. K

    Random pause w/ sound hang in games

    Wall of text incoming! I'm not sure which forum this question honestly belongs in, so I'll try in the 'computer help' area. I've had issues off and on with what I believe are hard drive accesses since I built the system. However, I'm increasingly wondering if it is a motherboard issue. In a...
  4. Balakrishna Prasad

    RX 480 PC Crash issue (*Headache*)

    Hello! I recently purchased all new PC components and built my first PC. I have been facing really weird issue with my ASUS STRIX RX 480 8GB @1266 MHz since purchase. After a few minutes while gaming, the whole system freezes (Sometimes with Grey screen and sometimes Black screen with...
  5. T

    Windows Explorer hanging after waking laptop from sleep.

    For a few weeks now, I noticed that whenever I wake my laptop from sleep, it will freeze with the Windows 10 start screen displayed on screen. The taskbar and all desktop icons are totally unresponsive as well. Ctrl-Alt-Delete somehow works. After some trial and error, I figured out that...