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  1. I

    Question Any optimization on E@H or F@H? PG user.

    Came from PrimeGrid, where CPU affinity(core cache), 50% core count, don't store work, etc. are vital stuff. But in E@H there seems not much posts on that at all. - Should I set BOINC cpu usage to 50% of cores to prevent hyperthreading ruins stuff? - Should I set affinity to match each single...
  2. petrusbroder

    13th Annual Folding@Home Holiday Season race

    The race starts December 1, 18:00 UTC and ends January 1, 12:00 UTC Here are the rules: 1: Have fun. 2: Let others have fun. 3: Crunch as much as you can, as often as you can and as efficiently as you can. 4: Assimilating computers, adding members to the teams, switching teams and borghing is...
  3. petrusbroder

    preparatory thread for the 13th Annual Holiday Season Folding@Home Race

    OK, folks, time is approaching for, AFAIK, the longest regular race the TeAm has ever had ... 12 years are done, the 13th is on it's way. Much will be as usual: start December 1, 18:00 UTC; end ... that is a question, the stats are a problem, etc. because I'll be away on a long trip to the...
  4. petrusbroder

    The 12th Annual Folding@Home Holiday Season Race

    Sorry, folks for being so late with the announcement. The reason is ill-health - I've been to the hospital three times during the past three weeks. Now I am on the path to recovery and will probably be restored to full health before Christmas. The race starts December 1, 18:00 UTC and ends...
  5. tiwake

    Brony@Home would like to formally challenge Team AnandTech

    On behalf of the Brony@Home folding@home team, I would like to challenge TeamAnandTech to a folding@home competition. Normally our competitions run for two months. It would be preferred if the competition ran from 0UTC January 1st 2018 at the beginning of the year, and end at 0UTC March 1st...
  6. petrusbroder

    11th Annual Folding@Home Holiday Season 3-way Race

    Hi every TeAm AnandTech folder, previous folder and future folder! The 11th Annual Folding@Home Holiday Season Race will be a three way race: Hardware Canucks Folding Team vs the full TeAm AnandTech Folding Team Tom's Hardware Folding Team vs the full TeAm AnandTech Folding Team Sub-team 1 of...