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  1. FlameTail

    Question Is it possible to apply efficiency gains and performance gains to separate parts of an SoC ?

    Let's say I make a hypothetical smartphone SoC called 'Flame 1' on the 7nm Node. Then I introduce the 'Flame 2' SoC which is identical to the Flame1 in every way (same cpu, same gpu, same npu), except that it is built on the newer 7nm+ node. Now let's say the 7nm+ Node give x% more...
  2. DisEnchantment

    Discussion Samsung to Fabricate Chips for Intel

    It seems to be reported in Korean media that Samsung won the order to fab Intel chips. They specifically mentioned desktop chips. https://pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?year=2019&no=993115 Which chips would those be? What fabrication node could it possible be
  3. norseamd

    How do Global Foundries/Samsung 14 nm, TSMC 16 nm, and Intel 14 nm all compare?

    There are at least 3 majors foundries in the computer business, and that is not even counting countless other more minor foundries. There are 3 current major lines from these 3 major foundries in the 14/16 nm node process, but these are more marketing terms and broad category alignment than...