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    M.2 860 EVO 512 GB issue with write speeds

    Hi, I bought a new 512GB Samsung 860 M.2 EVO SSD mounted on the only slot I have on my AsRock Z170m Extreme4 motherboard with a i7 6700K. Writing speed are slower than the benchmarks I've seen on the internet. Like ~500/~300. I had a previous 840 EVO (3.5 drive not M.2) on a sata cable and the...
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    Patriot Burst 480GB vs Kingston A400 480GB

    Hi. I use my ssd for gaming (own the EVO 850 250GB) and i need a second one. Right now there is a sale in a physical local store where i live, for the below ssd's Patriot Burst 480GB Kingston A400 480GB Both are priced at ~75 euros which i think is a good price, considering that Samsung EVO...
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    Is m.2 nvme overkill what I need?

    I currently edit footage taken from the GH5 which can record up to 400 Mbps. Samsung 850 Evo can already hit read/write speeds of 500 Mbps so would that be enough to smoothly edit my footages off of or would the Samsung 960 pro still benefit me? Plus there is a very nice sale for the 1tb models...
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    Samsung 960 evo boot problem with mobo Gigabyte 970 gaming

    Hi, I installed windows 7 64bit on this samsung ssd via diskpart,i have loaded as well the nvme drivers,i can see the driver in bios mode but it cannot boot the windows.So i just want to ask if there is any possibility that this mobo does not support nvme drivers as booting devices and sees...