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    Need help setting up partitions after switching from Windows to Linux

    Hi guys, I have been a Windows user for most of my life. When I was using Windows my HDD was divided into 4 partitions called C: , D: , E: and F: I had Windows on C: and all my data(Music, Photos, Documents) on the other partitions. I did this to prevent data loss. In case I have a OS corruption...
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    Confusion: One EFI/GPT per system, each disk, or each partition?

    After reading through a few explanations online, I'm still unclear on something super fundamental. And not grokking fundamental stuff utterly annoys me. I currently have the following two drives: Drive 0 -- C: Formatted EFI/GPT (Win10pro) Drive 1 -- D/E/F: Older, F: formatted NTFS back before...