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    Discussion Is Euorpean economy almost at par with America's economy, or is it America almost at par with Europe?

    I did some googling and found out that usually the value of currency is used to determine how well a economic market of a region or country is doing. If this is true, then is it Amerca that is almost at par with European economy, or is it Europe that is almost at par with America's economy...
  2. Commodus

    2017 had the worst job growth since 2012

    Over the February-to-November period, there were 1.7 million new jobs, which sounds good... until you realize that it's the lowest growth since 2012, when there were 1.54 million added over the same period. There was significantly higher growth through, well, most of Obama's tenure -- including...
  3. Jaskalas

    Economy: America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

    America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People In a new book, The Vanishing Middle Class: Prejudice and Power in a Dual Economy, Peter Temin, Professor Emeritus of Economics at MIT, draws a portrait of the new reality in a way that is frighteningly, indelibly clear: America is...
  4. K

    the most efficient 1150?

    I'm building an eco friendly rig with an Intel MSI H81M ECO board. I think i have to go with a 35w. Can anyone recommend a CPU that runs cool, efficiently, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Many thanks.
  5. Jaskalas

    Mea culpa

    Past... 2012: Victory Tastes Sour To recap some background info. I grew up in a non religious Republican household in CA. In 90s the President was the "bad guy" for "reasons". Later it was a running joke that Clinton's legacy would be marred as sex between two Bushes. Fun and games, not a great...