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core i5

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  1. M

    Which processor is better: 2017 MacBook Air's Core i5 vs 2017 MacBook 's Core M3 Kaby Lake version?

    I was reading about processors, but I’m a bit confused. I read that Core M processors are less powerful than full Core i processors because they are designed for mobile devices while the full Core i’s were designed for laptops and desktops, so I initially took that as the Air's Core i5 being...
  2. LOL_Wut_Axel

    Getting Random Stuttering in Games

    https://youtu.be/hMFFNi9SKBA https://youtu.be/iwbUUA_yzoQ Trying to get to the bottom of what's causing this. It happens no matter the game and no matter what drivers I use. Just did a clean install of Windows on the SSD; game is running on HDD. Seems to happen completely randomly, can be...