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    Can anybody diagnose this clicking sound coming from my wheel?

    15 second video of my cars clicking sound here: 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium (110k miles) brakes just cleaned and reinstalled (sound was audible before brake cleaning) audible at low speeds front right wheel only Any help would be appreciated!
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    Seagate New 2.5 inch HDD Clicking Sound Pre OS Install/Pre Boot

    Hello, i have recently replaced the HDD for my laptop with a new Seagate Momentum Thin 2.5mm 500gb 7200 RPM disk. Previous configuration was 5400 RPM disk Toshiba (if that makes a difference). Clicking Noise Issues Pre OS Install I Installed it on my laptop. However, after the installing and...
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    Electric ticking noise PSU or MoBo

    Hey! I have a strange issue with my new pc. The system works like it should, from the first boot forward, except theres a electric ticking coming from the PSU area. The sound is there even when the pc is turned off so its not a fan. Ive tried with 3 brand new power supplys and after a couple of...