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  1. N

    Question Internal RAID Controller Card vs External RAID Enclosure

    Hi, I'm trying to determine if there are significant differences between internal RAID cards and external RAID enclosures. I will be setting up a computer to dual boot Windows and Linux (each on its own SSD). I want to make sure each OS sees the RAID as a single drive. I'm a little confused as...
  2. I

    GPU help

    I have an ASUS Dual-RX580-08G that has two broken fan blades on it, I’ve lost the broken pieces, but I didn’t think superglue would be a good idea. I was wondering if there is anyway to replace this fan? I’ve included a picture. I’ve emailed ASUS, but they said it’s customer induced damage...
  3. R

    Lenovo Thinkpad wifi card BIOS whitelist

    Hi Anyone knows if situation remains as before regarding Lenovo Thinkpad 2018 range? As you know, if you purchased a Thinkpad notebook, you couldn't use another wifi card besides ones at their service parts list (usually not newest models). It's a pity as you couldn't improve wifi reception by...
  4. N

    Upgrading video card

    Okay so I currently have an HP Envy desktop computer and wanted to upgrade my current graphics card This is the dx diag on my current video card. System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 5/28/2017, 14:47:01 Machine name: JOHNDESKTOP Machine...
  5. EXCellR8

    Video Card PCB tweaked, not bad but fixable?

    Has anyone been successful at sorting out a tweaked PCB? I received an older Titan Black for some butter smooth 1080p gaming but the seller packed it terribly and both ends are slightly askew. I've already been refunded and they don't want it back but the card actually works; it has a half-cover...
  6. EXCellR8

    Second RX 480 w no video after AMD drivers

    pulling my hair out trying to figure out why this brand new card, like the very first 480 I bought, totally stops producing video--only after the AMD driver is installed. this is on a fresh install of windows 10 pro 64bit. the same thing happened to the Sapphire NITRO card I purchased back in...