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  1. T

    Question New builder advice pls

    So I’m lookin to buy a Intel i9 9900 Asus ROG STRIX Z390 Corsair vengeance ram 16 gb Seasgate barracuda 2 tb And corsair cxm 550 w 80+ bronze certified semi- modular tax power supply Was wondering if all that was gonna work good with one another. If not I NEED advice lol
  2. J

    AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GB DDR3 - Capable of streaming?

    I am looking into streaming my PC games (H1z1 Kotk, Destiny 2, Eco, etc.) and was wondering if my laptop is capable of streaming as a dual setup using a Capture Card because my CPU in my desktop isn't good enough. I tried finding these answers through tech support on each card's respective...
  3. cKGunslinger

    Video frame/VANC extraction with capture card and FFmpeg?

    This is a long-winded question, but maybe some who has some experience with video processing/decoding can at least correct my terminology and assumptions. I have SMPTE-292M formatted data coming out of a video port. In this data stream are obviously frame images (1280x720x30p) and some...