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  1. I

    Question Any optimization on E@H or F@H? PG user.

    Came from PrimeGrid, where CPU affinity(core cache), 50% core count, don't store work, etc. are vital stuff. But in E@H there seems not much posts on that at all. - Should I set BOINC cpu usage to 50% of cores to prevent hyperthreading ruins stuff? - Should I set affinity to match each single...
  2. C

    WCG - Kill The Cancer Challenge 2020

    Hi, I'm Corla99 from the team Boinc.Italy Like last year, from 1st to 7th February we want to remember the fight against cancer. So...I'm here to invite you to participate to our Kill The Cancer Challenge 2020 on subproject Mapping Cancer Markers. More info here Join us and let's crunch together!
  3. burninatortech4

    BOINC Manger Disconnected

    I recently replaced my motherboard (all other parts the same) and I've been unable to get BOINC to load properly. I've done numerous fresh installs and run into the same issue. I've reset windows firewall setting to default and that doesn't seem to help either. The manager says 'disconnected'...
  4. burninatortech4

    Replacement for AM1?

    I'm really interested in making a small form factor file server and BOINC 24/7 machine. I've looked at the AM1 ecosystem but it seems to be EOL and the used parts that are available are too expensive for their performance level. Are there any plans for a cheap socketed replacement for AM1? I...