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  1. norseamd

    China warns North Korea: You’re on your own if you go after the United States

    Well hopefully this takes away any chance that North Korea would actually start a war. From the Chinese state newspaper...
  2. Grooveriding

    US Reputation plummets worldwide everywhere, except : Russia & Israel Wonder which country is going to emerge as the new 'leader' of the free democratic nations? Many are mentioning Germany, which I think is likely. While the US still has military...
  3. Jaskalas

    Leader of the Free World

    I felt this deserves its own topic. In Trump's first foreign adventure our Allies got to meet our President and hear how he differs.... In return their press appears eager to cast shadows over the whole affair. From Merkel speaking up a stronger, more determined, Europe to Macron describing how...
  4. norseamd

    Analysis 2017: North America

    This is part 1 of 2 of Analysis 2017: North America from Caspian Report.
  5. norseamd

    Another Morning in America

    How was your cup of coffee this fine day?