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  1. Brick90

    Question Access point internet connection through ethernet wall port?

    Hi everyone, Does access point need to be connected directly to the router or would it also work if I connect it to an ethernet port in the wall? The reason I'm asking is because the router is downstairs in the house I live in, but the wifi connection is very poor in my upstairs room. I have...
  2. Question Losing Networking when going from WiFi AP to Router WiFi

    Hi all, I made a hasty networking diagram to describe this issue below: Appreciate any help, I'm out of ideas :/
  3. gte619n

    Ubiquiti Network Upgrade

    Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me assess my SMB network that I have at my office. The office itself is long and skinny, about 70' long, 25' wide. The server cabinet is at one end of the structure and there is a cable run to the opposite side. Currently, I have a mix of routers, APs...
  4. C

    Home networking options

    Hey all, question-loaded post here from a novice about home networking options. Did some homework but want to see what this forum thinks. Seems if I want to extend wifi coverage in my new home I have 3 options: cat 6-run ap's, powerline extension, wifi mesh system. 1. Of the three, it seems...
  5. N

    Wireless Access Point, Secured but No Internet

    Hello all. So I live in a 2-story home and the WiFi doesn't get a great signal upstairs. So I bought a wireless router to use as an access point upstairs. Here is the router model: I read multiple articles on how to set this up and I...