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  1. goldstone77

    AMD using TSMC for CPUs and GPUs

    Malta Tour Shows GF Rising Ryan Shrout 2/7/2018 00:01 AM EST https://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1332945 7nm LP will be used for mobile processor applications... What about the other applications like desktops? Maybe, TSMC will be producing 7nm CPUs for AMD.
  2. Vattila

    Speculation: The CCX in Zen 2

    Hi all, it has been some exciting months in the CPU space since the Ryzen launch, with more to come before year end. However, I am already very curious about how AMD will evolve the Zen core with the upcoming 7nm Zen 2 next year — in particular how the CCX will be configured. There is a similar...
  3. witeken

    Samsung/GloFo EUV 7nm node: gate pitch and interconnect pitch

    http://semiengineering.com/the-week-in-review-manufacturing-134/ We already knew from a nice find by Ashraf Eassa that TSMC's 7nm HD SRAM will be 0.54x Intel's 14nm SRAM cell at 0.027um^2, and now we also have some new infos about Samsung and GloFo's 7nm dug up by SemiEngineering. So here's...