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  1. IseNoseee

    Question Acer ED242QR or Benq Zowie XL2411P

    So I found a deal for these second hand monitors, found them at 120€ from different sellers, I’m trying to decide on which to get but, I heard that Benq is better in every aspect, but Acer one is curved, which i’m a succer for it. I just need to know which one would be the best bang for buck in...
  2. B

    Question Need Help For Buying Display | Need Suggestion also |

    Hi, I have also MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X 6GB Graphic Card which have 3x Display port(1.4) and 1x HDMI(2.0). I'm planning to buy a Monitor which have Display port 1.2v. Does it work with 1.4 to 1.2 monitor? Can i get 144hz over HDMI 2.0? Here is My Monitor. Acer 144hz Variant: Nitro 23.8 inch Full...
  3. M

    Question Would you upgrade to LG 32GK850G from Asus MG278Q?

    There is a good deal at a local computer store. It's VA panel and 165hz . But I don'T know how much better the panel is compared to my Asus MG278Q. I mostly use it for web, office, movie watching. But I do a little bit gaming too. I own a AMD gpu but I 'm planning to change it to Nvidia 2070 ...
  4. J

    27" Acer XF270HUCbmiiprzx Gaming

    Hey all. Does any of you have experience with this model? Store told me it is a new model. But maybe someone has already experinece with it. In Europe it goes for 350 euros which is great price for 1440p 144hz. Prod.num.: UM.HX0EE.C03
  5. J

    What to upgrade for 1440p at 144hz?

    Hi. My current setup is this: i5 6500 GTX MSI 1070 8gb MSI B150M Ram 16gb Corsair RM550x SSD 850 evo I would like find out what would give me the best performance upgrade for 1440p at 144hz. I assume it would be 1080ti? Do I have to go for i5 8600k as with 1080ti my current cpu would...
  6. DeadlyTitan

    GTX 1080 vs 4K max modded Skyrim At 2k Res

    Can a GTX 1080 run a max modded skyrim legendary edition (Not special edition) at 1440p @ 144hz? I am planning to use a lot of 4k Textures and Heavy ENB and all the eye candy mods (Grass, trees, weathers, etc) and i'll be cranking up all the settings to the max. I always wanted to do this...
  7. L

    27 inch 60hz 1440p vs 24 inch 144hz 1080p?

    I have a GTX 1060 6GB and I sit fairly close to my desk and love to do gaming and work, I will probably get 2 of these displays, but which one is better for what I am doing?
  8. B

    NIXEUS displays 27" 1440p IPS 30-144hz Freesync Gaming Monitor ~$449, 32" 4K Freesync

  9. J

    Help me decide BENQ vs VIEWSONIC 144hz

    Hey all, 1) I have Benq Xl2411z and used to have (3 days) Viewsonic XG2401. The Benq has really bad (washed out) collors compared to the Viewsonic, however I managed to achieve white being white at the Benq which I really like. At the Viewsonic after hours of tweaking I always ended up with...
  10. B

    Samsung's CFG70 144Hz VA FreeSync Quantum Dot Gaming monitors are now available (UK)

  11. J

    144Hz Monitor Switch

    I am unable to find a monitor switch (or matrix, which is what I really want) that will support 144 Hz monitors (with DVI-D dual link interface). Even very expensive DVI-D matrices from multiple vendors only support 60 Hz. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks! P.S. According to the mfr, ATEN...
  12. K

    Gaming on a budget => new cheap or secondhand

    Hi guys, I've been asked to make or buy a build for my son. He's on a tight budget, somewhere around €500,- (max), and he would use the computer for his homework but also for gaming. Only game that needs to run on a higher framerate is CSGO. Al the other games he plays, he doesn't mind to drop...