Article Zhaoxin's First Discrete GPU Pictured

dark zero

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Jun 2, 2015
Well, I found this on Tom's Hardware page.
Zhaoxin, a joint venture between China-based Shanghai SASAC (which controls an 80% stake) and Taiwan-based CPU developer Via Technologies (which owns the remaining 20% stake). Last year it unveiled plans to launch a standalone graphics processor and it appears that Zhaoxin managed to produce one.

GlenFly Technology, a graphics subsidiary of Zhaoxin that is a formal assignee of Zhaoxin's graphics patents, recently published (thanks to @Loeschzwerg_3DC for the link) an image of a graphics card that is running the Unigine Heaven benchmark on a 22-inch Full-HD LCD at 32 frames per second (FPS). Considering the fact that GlenFly is not supposed to be running third-party hardware, we can assume that the board is indeed based on a Zhaoxin GPU.

Last year Zhaoxin promised a standalone graphics processor supporting a DirectX 11.1 or DirectX 12-level feature set with a 70W thermal design power implemented using TSMC's 28 nm fabrication process. Such a GPU is not going to set performance records by today's standards, but it can certainly serve entry-level desktops. Until fairly recently, Via Technologies used S3 Graphics-developed GPU cores for basic processors, so using the same IP for something else is a possibility.

The depicted card features a low-profile form-factor, does not have any auxiliary PCIe power connectors (i.e., its power consumption is below 75W supplied by a PCIe x16 slot), uses a modest cooler, and has an HDMI and a D-Sub display output.

The Unigine Heaven is a 2009 benchmark that relies on DirectX 11-level capabilities and is designed primarily for stability testing. Modern graphics cards can easily hit hundreds of FPS in this test, but since we are not aware of GlenFly's test settings, we will refrain from making any conclusions about performance of the GPU.
And this is a cancelled GPU.
So yeah, an unreleased GPU made at 28 nm it running at 30 FPS Unigine benchmark. It sounds really bad. But in fact makes me thing, maybe next generation might be at 14 nm with double performance?
That is interesting to see. More competition, the better.


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Nov 14, 2014
The CCP don't really care about their GPU designs anymore. They're now going to consolidate GPU expertise over Imagination Technologies because of their more grounded technical fundamentals ...


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Sep 12, 2012
is this something still based on the last S3 discrete GPUs like Chrome 540 GTX or whatever it was called?


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Nov 14, 2011
Sounds like a GPU that the CCP can trust to not be infected with US spyware and backdoors. Doesn't need to be terribly fast, so long as it can do basic tasks on sensitive government machines.