Question Z690 MBs - Is There A General Problem?

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Mar 15, 2014
The number of threads on various forums, retail and other web site reviews about Z690 MBs are starting to make me concerned. I had planned to commit to buying one for my latest build come July but I'm now getting cold feet.

The problems reported across all manufacturers seem worryingly similar: significant BIOS issues and problems with specific GPUs.

Is there some inherent design fault in the Z690? Are there any users here who've bought and are using Z690 MBs without any of these troubles?

Tech Junky

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Jan 27, 2022
I thought that was fixed already and they did really well on responding for that issue.
They may have fixed it on the production line but, all of the boards in the wild still have the potential to fail if owners didn't swap them out. It's a significant issue to have potentially hiding in your PC of you're not keen on keeping up with this sort of thing.
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May 9, 2018
I don't hear anything wrong with Asus motherboard. :)

Incredibly still unresolved with no urgency after many many months


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Sep 24, 2022
Because they had no choice. It was an obvious manufacturing defect. Trust me if they could deny warranty claims they would, Asus is one of the worst.
Yes unless we claim the damage in 7 days, they will need us to convince them at our risk to claim the warranty. But according to their STC, they will not ask a reason if we claim the damage in the first one week.


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Mar 15, 2014
So, as advised earlier in this thread I've patiently waited until the Z790 MBs to arrive before committing to anything for the the build I started last year.

I'm actually not going to know how much I can afford to spend on the MB, CPU and a NVME M2 until the end of March but I've begun looking at the Z790 MBs and, in particular, the equivalent Gigabyte Z790 UD DDR4 to the Z690 UD DDR4 I'd been considering.

All I can see is an extra £55/$67 cost for the X790 UD with the Z690 UD version now at about £20/$24 lower than it was at the start of this thread.

I'm still enthusiastic about pairing the MB with an i5-12600K and going without a GPU for the time being. But I'm wondering if waiting for the Z790 MBs only benefit was simply that the price of the existing Z690 series has gone down.