Question z690 audio outputs (gigabyte)


Dec 26, 2014
I'm guessing most already know about this already and/or very few care--but I'm doing some shopping for my next build (first in several years), and have found out that most of the Gigabyte boards do not have the 3.5mm outputs necessary to use my old logitech 5.1 speakers. I've traditionally gone with Gigabyte just due to habit but it looks like that might change.

A bit of research online, and the offered solutions mostly involved getting a dedicated soundcard or a speaker system that uses a USB interface. SPDIF can't carry the full signal to my speakers so I guess I'll have to do a little more looking. I do understand that the true audiophiles would scoff at using onboard audio, but the integrated audio has always been good enough for my purposes. I just want to retain the 5.1.

Anyhow, hopefully this will be useful for someone. I almost hadn't even thought to check for such a thing.