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Z390 Taichi Ultimate vs Gigabyte Aorus Master


Oct 7, 2001
I've narrowed it down to these two motherboards. Both are about the same price, although, newegg currently has the Aorus Master on sale with rebate, so it's tempting.

10GB is pretty neat. I use it at work all the time, but I'm trying to see if it's justifiable. The fact that the Taichi Ultimate has 3 network interfaces is huge for me.
It gives me lots of flexibility and I can dedicate which VM can to go which interface. Although, gigabit ethernet cards are cheap, and I already own a few; so this is probably if I really really want a 10GB at home.

The Taichi ultimate also has DTS, whereas the Aorus master doesn't. I rarely use headphones so I could care less about that ESS sound thing. DTS is more important because then I can interface with my home theatre system.

I'll use my system for:
- Gaming (obviously lol)
- HyperV with 1-2 VM's. Dualhoming between different VLANS in a home/work environment. Private personal VLAN for HyperV Win10 RDP thinclient in bedroom.
- Tower comes with me aboard ships with 10Gigabit infrastructure where I prefer to use this over a laptop for scientific data processing and visualization of gigabytes of data daily

But reviews for Aorus for overclocking ability are great. Taichi Ultimate has had reviews by users saying they're having issues with voltages and overclocking, and are hoping it'll be fixed with a BIOS update.

Aorus master is on sale right now! That's a $40-50 difference between the two.

What say you?