Question YouTube's hot keys have become always-enabled for me, thus preventing me from searching & commenting; how can I fix this problem?


Oct 18, 2013
EDIT: A few minutes after having made this post, the hotkeys seem to have somehow stop being always enabled, even though I didn't make any changes on my end. So I guess this problem is solved and this post can be disregarded. I would delete this thread, except I cannot find a Delete button in order to do so.

Whenever I try to post a comment on a youtube video, I am unable to do so now, because youtube's hotkey functions have become enabled 100% of the time, regardless of where on the screen I click my cursor.

So for example, if I am typing in a youtube comment, then I press the spacebar...what will happen is, a space will not appear between the letters in my comment. Instead, the youtube video will pause, or it will play if it is already paused...because the youtube hotkey to play/pause is spacebar.

And this problem also prevents me from being able to type spaces into the youtube search bar, whether I'm logged into youtube, or not.

Or another example would be, if I'm writing in a youtube comment and I press the "i" key, then an "i" letter will not appear in my comment. Rather, my screen will shift to youtube's miniplayer, because that's what the "i" hotkey is programmed to do when youtube's hotkeys are active.

Normally I use Firefox as my browser. I disabled all of my extensions and plugins, and that had no effect on this problem.

I also cleared all my cookies & cache, and that also had no effect on this problem.

Then I opened my Edge browser which I never use, other than once every few years or so if I need to troubleshoot a problem.

The same problem occurred in my Edge browser, even though it is set to stock settings which I never changed.

So that leads me to suspect that perhaps it is not my web browser that is causing this problem.

Can any of you please tell me:

a) what is causing this problem?
b) what can I do to solve this problem?
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