Question Your recollections about Win 10 upgrade to a Win 7 installation . .


Jun 30, 2004
I've de-commissioned one 2600K PC, swapped out the disks to keep my info and swapped back in known good storage. I installed Win 10 clean on what had been a Win 7 system which had, for at least a period of time, Win10 in a dual-boot configuration -- the "free upgrade" we got several years ago. It went to a local friend -- all working perfectly, no activation issues.

I have another -- a 2700K system and twin to the first -- which has long been my Media PC or call it an "HTPC". There are many encrypted-channel film recordings on it which will continue to play properly with Win 10, and just as many more un-encrypted which I can move to my server, which can be played by any computer I own.

I'm finally going to dump the Win 7 OS, and install Win 10. There was an option we had which I didn't pursue. I opted for dual-boot configurations with Win 10. The other option was the "upgrade" option, in which you would install Win 10 over the Win 7 boot disk volume, hopefully salvaging some of your software installations.

Can anyone remember their experiences with this latter option? I could just as easily make a clean install of Win 10, losing the software, but keeping the library of films on a separate drive, to be played with Win 10 features or perhaps Cyberlink PowerDVD 17.

What problems did your "upgrade" create or raise? What did you need to do about it, if anything? What other pitfalls can you recall?

Thank you.