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Yet another steam sale/pricing issue


May 1, 2006
So, Steam has a bundle, which contains two games. One is not on sale, at $20, the other is normally $40, 50% off for $20, so to the total of the two games is $40 on sale instead of $60, a 33% discount. Steam has the bundle listing 33% off, yet is the same price - $39.98 - as buying the games separately, so there is no advantage to buying the bundle, and no 33% extra discount for doing so.

So, I sent Steam a note about it and they argue it's not wrong. That having bundles simply list the discount of the items' already discounted prices is correct.

I went to look for another example of a bundle to show them that's not normally how it works, and quickly found a bundle that seems to make no sense at all in the listed discount. It has a lot of games mostly at 75% off already, and the bundle lists 75% off. So no problem, it would support their claim that the bundle discount simply is the discount already on the items, right? Well, no. Here's the bundle:


Now, the total of the items with sale prices is $39 - THAT is nearly 75% off from the list price. But the bundle price is $19.99, not $39. So, it's not the 0% bundle discount if it were simply listing the amount of the sale like the first example. And it's not an additional 75% off, which would take it from $39 to under $10. It's a nearly 50% discount shown nowhere in the bundle discount listed of 75%.

Sometimes there's an 'extra' bundle discount listed next to the bundle discount listed, and that seems to make little sense how they do it either.

There's another bundle which lists '10%' and then '15%', like two discounts - but the breakdown in the bundle simply says, 'you already own this many games, the total for the rest gets a 10% discount'. The 15% is nowhere to be found - not in item sale prices, not in a discount on the total prices in the bundle. It's just a discount listed on the bundle that's not used.

There's something wrong with Steam.


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Sep 28, 2005
i think they are trying to confuse the millennials to buy thinking its on a deal when its obviously not.


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Mar 10, 2007
I've argued this when I purchased the Shadow of War Gold bundle for $20 which said included a copy of Shadow of Mordor that I was hoping to gift to a buddy since he really wanted to play it. When I bought the bundle, I never received my extra copy and after two weeks of e-mails back and fourth, it was clear they wouldn't budge. A lot of their bundles are misleading, not just in price, but also in content.

In the end though, they did give me a 50% off coupon for Shadow of Mordor so I could buy it for my buddy which during that time, I think it put the game down to less than $5. I was extremely hesitant to even use the coupon since I still felt cheated by them, but considering I got Shadow of War Gold (normally $100+) for under $20, I just sucked it up and bought Mordor separately.