Yet another "Adding a second HDD config integration" question.. PLZ!


Dec 31, 2000
Yes, I have been sifting through countless posts on this issues in this forum and a few others trying to answer my own questions, but I have narrowed what I want to do with the new hdd (coming in a day or two via ups..)down to an askable question.

So the IBM 30gig 75gxp will be here soon and I currently have an older, udma33 5400 Maxtor 10gig in there, as my only drive, connected to my mobo's (IBM OEM SE440BX) onboard ide plug, @ udma33, like I said. This boots win98 (that's all I need to use, no dual booting needed..)

Coming with the new, faster hdd will be the Promise uata100 pci controller card. The 75gxp will go on channel 0 of the card as the new master drive and boot disk.

SO.... What would happen if I took my pre-existing 10gig hdd (which will still have all my stuff on it - including full win98 install..), made sure it was on slave, thru cable select or jumper settings, and kept it connected to the mobo ide plug? What would happen if I did the same thing and connected it to the Promise card on channel 1?

What about if I left it configed via jumpers as master and connected it to channel 1 of the Promise card? Would win98 still try to boot into the system from this hdd if I have also installed it on the new, fast hdd and made that hdd "active" thru fdisk?

I may sound nuts at this point, but I'm just trying to put it all together before I actually get the box in my hands. I have downloaded the .pdf manual/install guide for the 75gxp, and read alot of 'install walkthroughs', but I need to get down to the exact best (and thus, easiest..) way to serve my specific objectives.

Which are: 1) Install new hdd on Promise card as new booting master drive.

2) Copy SELECT (no os, etc.)files from the previous hdd to the new hdd.

3) Wipe the old hdd, and make it a logical partition with the rest of the
extended dos partition (does that make sense? I just need the old 10 gig to be assigned a new letter and be used as a slower storage dump..)

Anyway, one last question is what happens when I just ignore the the current status of booting master of the 10gig, and install the new 75gxp, making it active/booting master? Does the former letter C: drive (10gig) get assigned a new letter automatically and not boot the os?

I know it's semi-convoluted, but I think one can see what the intended config is. Now I just need a very specific gameplan - complete with SEQUENCE of events (as you all know, this can be crucial on a signifigant hardware install..)

Anyone who can help? Thanks for any suggestions or guidelines - I REALLY APPRECIATE THESE FORUMS!!! THANKS!