YAWoWT : Inheritted a level 28 undead mage


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Jul 18, 2002
I let a friend play my account for awhile and he is moving so he gave me his character.

I ve only ever played a warrior and got him to 25.

What are the key spells and techniques I have to be aware of as a mage ? What are my responsibilities in a group ?

Can anyone give me some cliff notes on the key spells and what not ? Because there are a load of them and I would rather not trial and error his skills completely from scratch.

Thoughts ?


Sep 14, 2003
You are the primary supplier of food and water but more importantly Mr. Damage.

For solo (I'm only 22 with my mage) here is my technique:

Pyroblast to start. Then fireball as much as possible (note I am a fire spec mage). Stick in fire blast early.

If the enemy survives and is in melee range, use frost nova. This will hopefully root the enemy. Get out of range, and nuke some more.

If frost nova is unable to root the enemy, you have a couple of options. Generally I will turn on mana shield, blink out of the way, then continue nuking.

When soloing, I generally drink conjured water every 2-3 battles.

In parties, you are the primary crowd control (you cast polymorph on any extra enemies) and major damage dealer. It's important to pace your spells, both for control of aggro and so you don't hold up the party by having to drink all of the time.