YALCDT: You get what you pay for? I'm narrowing down some cost-effective displays.


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May 1, 2003
As my summer days are winding down, I've been looking heavily into a LCD screen so that I can transport it to college easier (and you know how small those desks are). I've narrowed it down to two choices already and now I'm asking for your help in making the final decision. On a side note, thank you AT for providing that very extensive LCD buying guide.

The first choice is the NEC Multisync 1760V, I think it has been the most mentioned 17" out there because it's cost/performance ratio. It has a 16ms response time (I don't know if this is total or what but most users mention that it has little to no ghosting in games). It doesn't have a the DVI input though. $399

The other one was the Albatron L-17ASD 17" that I just saw on newegg.com. I swear I must have looked right over it because I visit newegg a lot and that was the first time it caught my eye. It's about $40 cheaper and has a DVI input. It also has a fairly good response time 10ms/15ms = 25ms and a good contrast ratio 500:1. $357

So paying a $40 dollar difference probably won't annoy me for an investment like this but I do play a lot of games and ghosting doesn't usually bother me. I went to a LAN on Friday and was looking at the difference between LCD and CRTs side by side (literally) and the difference is easily discernable. I avoided purchasing one last year because the prices were fairly steep, but now I think this is a good price for a monitor. Anyone have a vote or some other suggestions? I'm looking for a cheap 17" LCD with very good response times and quality. Price is an issue but if the monitor is really that good I'll look into it.