YACT: Mazda 6 owners

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Aug 26, 2004
I actually just got a 2004 Mazda6 Sport Wagon last Sunday, 21k out the door. Automatic, roof rack, moonroof, 6 disc changer, side airbags, sport grill... i love it. My old car was a 98 Protege.


Feb 11, 2001
Just bought a Mazda6i Hatchback w/ Auto & Sport appearance pkg. (Lapis Blue) about a mth or so back for $21,000 out the door.
Probably paid $1500--$2000. more than I should of, but we are in an area with only 2 Mazda Dealers within 150 miles. I wasn't about to travel 150 miles for free Tire & oil changes or service every time I needed to. The Dealer that was 35 miles away is an easy trek :)

I did tons of research on what cars suited us & compared different models like Honda, Toyota, Nissan etc. Also took about 7 test drives of similar cars. This car was the best in all areas, especially price. No other car was as sporty or drove as well as the 6 in my opinion.

Too bad Nissan does'nt have a car that's similar to the 6. They go from Sentra (too small/weak) to Altima (too Big) & Maxima (too big/expensive) My wifes last car was a Nissan 240sx & she wanted to stick with Nissan but the Altima was a family sedan. I'm 30, she's 34..................... we're not in our 60's !

Altima is a very nice car mind you, but EVERYONE & THIER CHILD ON THE ROAD HAS ONE & it also reminds me a a Ford Taurus! Those are two more reasons for not going with the Altima. Before we bought our 6, we rented an Altima for our trip up north on vacation. No frills, basic family car. No fun to drive but it was a nice ride :(

Originally posted by: theNEOone
Originally posted by: SampSon
I don't have anything against you. You're just being a mazda fanboy, and then calling people out for being honda fanboys? Way to go champ.

Think about the reality of what you are posting. A long term test? The new mazdas havn't been around long enough for any long term tests. They are making educated guesses.

I'm simply calling you out (like some others have) about getting offended about people saying anything negative about the car you own. Getting defensive further from this point, just proves the point.(though now that it's been said, you will probably try to avoid doing that.)
in your original post you stated "or whoevers name is on the title" signifying that you remember me stating that the car is under my grandfather's name in another thread. why you would remember that is completely beyond me.

also, you seem to be a little confused about what "long term" means in this context. you can have a 20 year old car and never drive it. can you then declare that it's a reliable car because no problems have arisen? you = :confused:. long terms tests here are based on mileage, and that's what the car and driver test went off of. most people keep cars for much longer than 40,000 but since the magazine is testing other cars on the same standard, you can make an educated guess as to the reliability of the car.

and i'm not a mazda fan boy. i love all kinds of cars (cars in my family as far back as i can remember: 9-3, 325i, mustang, camry, bonneville), but when someone states that "point being, if the car you want is a 6, then the car you really want is an accord" is just being ignorant. how can you presume to know somebody else's preference? i'm not being defensive over the car i own, i'm getting defensive about his assumptions. he's was coming off as a fan boy because he was pitching the accord as a better car. i'm pitching the mazda6 as a better car FOR ME.

Actually I had no clue about you having your grandfathers name on the title. I could have read that thread but that wasn't in mind when I posted. I just know the financial situation someone of your stature would be in, and I made an assumption based on that, and I was right. Don't take it personally or anything I've had family cosign on loans.
Why you remember that thread, and made the connection is even further beyond me. Mabey you should examine why you are making that connection when no one else is, and see how it relates to your self image.

No, you are confused in which context I am using "long term". The mazda 3 and 6 line have not been around enough for a long term test. They are not mature enough as products to have any true long term tests done on the product as a whole(mainly by the consumer).

I put on over 40K miles on my brand new car in one year, does that qualify as a long term test?
So "long term" in this industry is 2 years? I fail to see the viability of these "long term tests".
That was the point of my post.

I'm sorry if I offended your penis replacement machine, I know they are important in this day and age. ;)