YACT: How much would it cost to replace a bose system?


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Mar 11, 2000
I have a 91 300zx 2+2 with a Bose system...the car is currrently in the shop but i'd like to replace my speakers when i get it back cuz the speakers are kinda blown/dead... I already have a new head unit and i just need to replace the 4 speakers...how much would it cost to get them replaced? I hear Bose systems are a PITA overall...would i be able to buy 6.5 inch speakers and just do it myself? thanx


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Feb 21, 2001
It's probably the built in amp for each speaker that's dead rather than the speaker itself. Nonetheless, you could always buy replacements from the dealer but they are not cheap at all and definitely NOT worth the money. You can try looking in salvage yards and online boards for people who ditched their system but amp failure is definitely going to happen sooner or later as Bose auto components are a total POS. By the way, if you're thinking of bypassing the dead amp and just hooking up a regular amp to the existing Bose speakers, don't do it -- the crappy paper cone bose speaker is so poor in quality that the built-in amps provided tons of equalization to make them sound decent. Without the equalization, those bose speakers will sound horrible.