YACT: Ford Contour Questions... 8/80k warranty and recall stuff.


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Jul 24, 2000
So my fiancee has a '98 Ford Contour. I looked up the model year on the http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/ site, and there appears to be around 10 different recalls. She has never been notified of any, and therefor has never taken it in to get them fixed.... How should she get them fixed? Should she call up a dealer and ask them to fix all the recalls on her car?

Next question. A few months ago, she had a check engine light with the 420 code. It went away after a few hundred miles. The 420 is a catalytic inefficiency code or something. A few days ago, her CEL came on again, and I scanned the codes and she had a 420 and 430. The 430 description sounds like the 420 description. After I scanned the code, I erased them. I then went to contour.org, and noticed that Contour's have a 8/80k emissions warranty? Her car has 75000 miles on it, so she should still be under warranty. Can the dealer check her cars computer and see the codes I just erased?


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Jul 31, 2001
If you contact the Dealer have then run an OASIS check on her car, it will list all the open Field Service Actions on the car. Or you could PM me the VIN and I can check it for you.

As for 8/80K emission warranty, I don't believe it a federal warranty like the 5/50K. I think the 8/80K warranty was for car originally sold in California, but I can check on that too.

Good Luck


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Jun 7, 2001
http://www.ford.com and click the Owners link and then, I think, Recall information. Key in the VIN and it will list recalls for that vehicle. Print that and go to the dealership.