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YACT: 1995 Chevy truck


Jan 6, 2001
I have a 95 Chevy 2500 pickup that keeps drawing down the battery. I put a test light between the positive battery cable and the positive post of the battery, and it lites up pretty good. There is a large fuse block under the hood with small fuses such as 10 to 20 amp size and also some large ones such as 50 and 60 amp ones.

I pulled all of the fuses and the only one I pulled that made the test light go out was the 50 amp battery fuse which I guess makes sense. I know there is a clock in the truck that takes a small amount of juice, but I have tried two different batteries with the same results. The batteries do not take much of a charge after I drive it home from work about 20 highway miles, so the alternator must be charging them back up. Are there fuses anywhere else in this truck or does anyone have an idea? Thanks for any help!


Senior member
Feb 1, 2006

Place amp meter between negative battery post and negative cable, if reading more than 100 MA remove each fuse one at a time, if amperage draw continues as you stated carefully remove the large red wire from the alternator, if amperage draw is still there do the same to the starter wire.

If after these tests you still have not found the short, PM me and I will guide you through a thorough diagnostic test of your electrical system.

Good Luck.


Nov 13, 2001
There should be another fuse panel under the dash or on the side of the dash behind a plastic door. As for what that truck has that could be wear the battery down. Does it have the center console with a light, are any of the dome lights on or the switch on the dash that controls the dash light all the way up? It should go up to control the brightness of the dash lights then click to turn the int lights on. If in that upper clicked position even with no bulbs it may produce a draw. Does it have a trailer hitch and light box at the back, maybe it is shorting out back there to the body or frame somewhere?

Is there a penny or dime stuck in the lighter? Other then that I cant think of much in a truck other then a internal short in the starter or ALT that would produce a draw. Not uncoomon for a ALT to go bad and short out, easy to remove the wires to it and see if thats your draw right there real quick.