Y-cruncher is out.


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Aug 21, 2007
New version is out with the brand new stress tester.




After such a long rewrite, this is the first of the v0.6.x series. Not all features are implemented yet. Most notably, the majority of the constants are still missing swap mode. But it's good enough for ram-only benchmarks.

This release is mostly to put an end to the nearly 2-year break of releases.
New Features:
More Detailed Output: The program will display much more detailed output during a computation. This feature used to be developer and private-version only. But it is now enabled in all public releases.
Component Stress-Tester: Runs individual algorithms in y-cruncher to stress different parts of the system.
I/O Benchmark: Benchmarks and evaluates a swap configuration for large computations.
Multi-layer Raid-File:
Hybrid RAID 0+3 swap-file management to allow for redundancy while preserving the multi-HD functionality.
Compilation Options: An option that displays how each binary has been compiled. Originally a developer-only feature for development purposes, it has been enabled in the public release to satisfy those who are curious.

Removed Features:
Batch Benchmark Pi
The Stress-Tester from v0.5.5 and earlier.
Support for x86 without SSE3.
Basic Swap Mode

Privilege elevation is now required to run y-cruncher. This should put an end to all those file allocation problems (which have gotten worse in Windows 8 due to the different UAC settings).
Windows Vista or higher is now required to run y-cruncher.
"Advanced Swap Mode" renamed to simply "Swap Mode".
The division step at the end of each series computation has been separated and given its own timer.
The "Frequency Sanity Check" has been disabled.
The validation files now include detailed event logs of the computation.

All constants have a hard-limit of 90 trillion digits.

Faster Division
Faster Square Roots
Faster Base Conversion
Faster Multiplication for large products > 50 billion digits
Numerous other minor optimizations