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Question XPG Gammix (Adata) DDR4 RMA process leaves a lot to be desired


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Jan 23, 2007
One of our PC's at home started rebooting, and was not stable. I eventually realized it was probably a RAM issue, and decided to alternately pull each of the 2 XPG Gammix D10 DDR4 RAM sticks.

Windows Memory Diagnostics consistently reported errors with one of the sticks, but not with the other. I removed the problem stick, and the system has been rock stable since then.

I figured I would set up an RMA return under the lifetime warranty. Setting up the account and entering the details about the stick of RAM, plus uploading the proof of purchase receipt wasn't difficult.

However, I have to say that everything past that was like a labarynth. I kept clicking on RMA, and it took me to a page that suggested that due to coronaviru, RMA's sent to taiwan or wherever might not be returned. It was very strange.
Eventually, I found a place to click on to actually 'email' someone on the website, and I'm hoping that the RMA request MAY have gone through this time. Definitely not user friendly.