xp1600/ AK31a noob clocker needs assistance :)


Jun 14, 2003
I just unlocked my xp1600+ with the unlocking kit from pcmods. Now when I boot, my cpu is seen as a 1700+, and WCPU reads 133MHz bus x 11 mult =1468Mhz (as default after I reset bios-which is not stable). Did I successfully unlock my xp1600? The problem is, whenever I try to raise or lower the multiplier, the computer wont boot. When I try to up the cpu voltage in bios (which says default 1.75v), the actual voltage in bios may jump to 1.71 briefly, but doesn't change from 1.696v in bios (when Windows boots at these default settings, Sisoft Sandra reads 1.73v, 52.5 dgrees cpu core). I've tried 10.5x133, 10x133, 11x133 with + .02-.1 increases in voltage but it does not boot. Does this sound like I incorrectly bridged the L1's, or maybe my ram settings need to be changed?
I would really appreciate if someone with experience had any usefull advice.

Shuttle AK31a r.3.1
Athlon xp1600+ (palomino) AGKGA stepping (L1 bridges connected)
Asus GF3 v8200
Crucial pc2100 512mb cas2.5
Maxtor 20g 7200rpm