Review XFX's regular and "LIFETIME WARRANTY"s BAD experience.

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Sep 28, 2005
I have heard of things like EVGA upgrading an in warranty dead 970 to a 1060 6GB but expecting a new 2021 gpu when your 5850 from 2009 breaks down is ludicrous. LOL I can buy an XFX gpu and never have to do an upgrade ever again.
They upgraded my 980 to a 1070.... i felt sort of wronged, but then i realized price to price, its the same.
They only RMA upgraded a 980ti to a 1080.

But even then, i think the OP is asking for too much.
Even my eVGA classified i had... limited edition... when it died, they looked at me and went.... ummm... repair?
Instead of took a credit which was no where near the amount i paid for the card, but in the end still acceptable for a 5yr old board.

In all honesty, he pretty much went full Karen mode on XFX
Normally this is me on gigabyte and asus.... but in this scenario, i think i would of even accepted it if it was those two.
As they sent him something working back and actually accepted the RMA to begin with.

Maybe i should try sending in my 6800GT (probably the last nvidia cards xfx made) and see if i can get a RMA on those. ;)


May 19, 2011
You guys are FUNNY, i wasn't asking 6800 XT but what about regular 580 or 590 cards? For Gods sake it has a "LIFETIME WARRANTY", that's WHY we were paying EXTRA to have future upgrades on it and you know all Companys did.
I'll see how you gonna react when YOU will be at my place.
LOL, you guys are HAPPY i was denied right?
What you're describing isn't a warranty. A product warranty is intended to be a guarantee that if the product fails within the warranty period, they will repair it or provide a suitable replacement. They did replace your card with a presumably working card of the same spec as the failed item. They did their job.

What I find really sad though is that many companies pull dodgy tactics with regard to warranties (e.g. the fridge/freezer we have claimed to have a 5 year warranty, and it turned out that only the parts had that warranty and not the labour, or e.g. I returned a WD Black drive to WD in 2010 that was six months old and had a 5-year warranty, and the replacement drive had a 6-month warranty), and I firmly believe that every one of these companies should be made famous for their underhand behaviour, however here you are trying to burn a company that did their job exactly as they should have done.

I regard your experience as a reason to buy XFX.


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Oct 5, 2009
I don't think with these types of warranties you're entitled to an upgrade.
Also if you bought a 300 dollar card and used it for 12 years you basically paid 25 dollars a year for a graphics card that gave you hundreds of hours of pleasure. Seems like a good deal even if they never RMAed it at all. I can think of a few video games I paid over a hundred dollars for an played for less than 10 hours.