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Question Xeon Platinums and Non-ECC Memory


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Mar 2, 2013
Does anyone know for sure (as in you have actually done it) whether dual Xeon Platinums will work with non-ecc memory?
I have been through all the Intel white papers I can find, but basically, all they really say is that the Xeon Platinums are "ECC compatible", which of course is common knowledge and of no help.
I've put together a build with dual 8260L's and an Asus 621 Sage and some 2133 ECC memory I had laying around, but now I would like to get the correct 2933+ memory to use the MB's OC abilities.
All memory references I have found on the 'net have either used ECC memory or used non-ECC memory with only 1 cpu.
I have found no references to anyone trying non-ECC with dual cpus and six channel memory, which is what I am shooting for.