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Question Xbox Series X and AMD Zen 2 CPU

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Aug 26, 2014
PC sales are bound to taper off as PCs have long ago reached commodity status for the vast majority of tasks they are used for, and other devices (phones etc.) have become powerful enough to replace their functionality. As such it's natural for lower end parts of the PC market to level off at a relatively low rate as the market reaches a saturation point and refreshes of existing hardware are relatively slow and irregular. This does obviously not apply to the high end and gaming markets where performance matters, and that is where there is (still) a decent amount of growth. These markets will also reach saturation, but will have higher rates of replacement and upgrades as there's a built-in incentive to keep near the bleeding edge of performance.


Apr 27, 2000

I thought everyone around here already knew that the PC market went into growth last year? Of course everything will decline at least for H1 2020 due to obvious reasons. Makes me wonder if console releases will be delayed?


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Jul 9, 2000
What are you on about? The Xbox One X supports 1440p, so I would be very surprised if the XSX doesnt. The XSX also supports 4k120 (with VRR) over HDMI 2.1, and while most games will likely target 4k60 that would translate well to 1440p120 in games that need it. Might not hit that without cutting detail levels, but it should be entirely possible in games where a framerate like that can make a difference.
I've been running mine on a 1440p Freesync since i got my XB1X, works great. I actually wish they would Unlock the framerate from 60hz max on most games as it has enough power to to push more frames at 1440p. Battlefield V for example, it runs at ~1800p-4k most of the time and down scales to output @ 1440p. It holds 60fps with very few drops below that even though I have a 42-75hz range on my Freesync.


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Nov 22, 2016
Looks like their partnership with AMD is a win for the xbox. Can't wait to see what happens this fall.

Sony might make it a bigger win for them like PS4.

I also note they (MS) are persisting with their two tier memory, albeit reduced in difference this time around.


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Oct 24, 2005
I'm not disputing PCs are not widely used, at all. Everyone has one. But sales are down due to tablets and such. This has been known for years. Rather help educate someone who is giving financial advice based on flawed information.

Either way, it's good to see people helping to try to find a cure. It's pretty amazing to see that much computing power coming together at one time. Impressive.
I'm done replying to your post/s as not to derail. Your understanding of CAGR, and margins, operational expenses etc.. is not relevant to the financial realm. We can certainly talk about this later.