XBox Series S: $279 on Woot - DEAD


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Oct 31, 2004
I got my Series X from Best Buy just before Christmas.... apparently for free. I had gotten tired of watching for, and missing opportunities to get one on an Amazon drop, and had recently purchased a decent 4k TV (replacing my ancient and burned in Samsung Plasma) - my new TV had all the nice stuff, like 120hz, Variable Refresh Rate, GeForce... Anyway, even then, I was kind of on the fence.

I was wondering though... wasn't there a "leasing" option? All Access? So I started looking into it, and before it would tell me if it was even available, I had to qualify, so... sure... let's apply... and I was approved. The Xbox Series X was sitting in my Best Buy cart. $0 due. Delivered in 5 days. Um.... OK, I purchased, took delivery, hooked it up, and got my 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate topped off...

...being the responsible person I am, I waited for my Citizen's Bank notice to show up, and when it did, of course, I logged in to my account online, where it showed the $875 (something like that, it included the taxes) balance with a line of credit... but nothing due. This month, I started checking daily, wanting to make sure I had my payment amount and due date set up...

...and then the balance disappeared! Currently, it shows no balance, all credit "available" (not sure for what) - and nothing due on the next payment. Heck of a deal, if this bank error is in my favor. Meanwhile, I'm keeping my eye on the account, in case the balance magically re-appears.

At any rate, It's still a good deal. I was already paying the $15/mo for Game Pass, so for another $20/mo, it's $480 for the Series X, less than retail and half of what the scalpers are asking. Who knows, maybe Citizen's screwed up system will give others a bonus, too.

UPDATE: Bank Error NOT in my favor.... the account updated yesterday with my balance back on the account. Payment info is still hosed, but Citizens is bound and determined not to lose any money, it seems. I was hoping to at least get to my first statement, but Xbox All Access still a good deal if you can get it.
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