Xbox live gold and/or game pass users can get an upgrade to Ultimate game pass for $1.


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Jun 5, 2008
Credit goes to nitro0097 at slickdeals. Here is a link to the long thread.

This deal probably won't last long. If you already have an existing sub to live gold and/or game pass you can get an upgrade to the ultimate game pass for just $1. It includes both live gold, xbox game pass and the new pc game pass. This normally costs $15 a month. You can bank up to 3 years of live gold and turn it into the ultimate game pass. My live gold was good until 7/7/2021 and after paying the $1 I have ultimate until 8/7/2021. There is no indication yet this is a glitch as it says I won't be charged $15 until the date I posted above. At that point it will be a recurring payment so cancel before you get charged the full amount if you wish. I think they are doing this for E3 and to get feedback. Be sure to max out your live gold before you pay the $1. Some are getting 2 years for $95 from Costco and adding on their account before they pay the $1.

If this link to the $1 ultimate doesn't work use the one from slickdeals.
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Oct 31, 2004
Still worked this weekend, after I had to wait for Rakuten to send my physical Xbox Gold 1yr cards. I redeemed the cards to put me out to 9/2021 and did the $1 upgrade to ultimate game pass. It replaces your existing Gold membership to an Ultimate Game Pass membership until it expires.

Great deal!