X800XL Temps


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Dec 5, 2004
I was just playing the BF2 demo, and got a warning from MBM5 that my X800XL had passed 70C. I just installed MBM5 the other day, so I'm sure the GPU has reached these temps before while playing HL2 and Farcry, I just wasn't allerted about the temps so I didn't knwo about them. This seems very high, especially for this card. Is it? Does anyone else have other temps they can give me to compare this to?


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Dec 4, 2004
The X800 XL is designed on a smaller process (0.11 Micron) so basically the internal components are smaller which allow for higher stability, better yields, more energy efficiency, and less heat. But the components get so small that keeping energy leakage to a minimal is tough. So basically the insulation to prevent the energy leakage isn't that good whihc causes the card to hit high temps.

That is the problem that Intel is having with it's 90nm Prescott's. AMD has had no problem with theirs though.


May 6, 2003
My All-in-Wonder X800XL (which as far as I know is actually an underclocked X800XT) runs at 50°C on idle and goes up to 84°C when up open up ATI-Tool 3D view. Personally I was quite concerned when I first saw those readings, but I think there are quite a few people who runs their X800XL at around those temperatures.

As noted in the Rage3D forums, ATI says that the X800 family can run up to around 100°C without any problems. However, if you are really concerned you might want to try install custom coolers (like those made by Artic Cooling), but be warned that doing so will pretty much void your warranty.

Edit: By the way those are the temps with the core and memory running at 400/500 (which is the default setting) ... underclocking to 50/100 get the idle temp to about 44°C.