X2 opens up with $155 million world-wide, $85.85 million in the US. **UPDATE** Chalk up another 41.4 million

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Apr 2, 2002
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It was pretty cool watching Magneto finally open up too. He was always called "one of the most powerful mutants" in the comics, but I don't remember him ever really doing anything really cool. Now in the movie he takes two marbles and opens up a huge can of whoopass. Very cool.

I don't get why Magneto is considered so powerful. Sure, the ball thing was neat, but Prof. X's powers allow him to move anything, not just metal, making Prof. X, Jean Gray, and the other telekinetics more powerful.

Professor X has no telekinetic powers...only telepathic. Also, Jean Gray's telekinetic powers pale in comparison to what Magneto can do with the Earth's magnetic field.
How did Prof. X stop the bullet in the first movie then?

I don't recall that scene. Refresh my memory. What exactly happened in it?

i think it was magneto who stopped it

Yeap. Magneto fired the guns and stopped the bullets just before they hit the cops, as a way to threaten Prof. X. In a way, prof. X could have controlled Magneto if he doesn't have the helmet on, but since Magneto was able to outsmart Prof. X the two of them are more or less equally powerful. :)

Not to mention anybody that's been readin comics for a while remembers what happened the last time Prof. X went mucking around in Magneto's head.....
Although, come to think of it, that would make a badass movie if they did it right.


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Oct 9, 1999
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Oh, yeah, I also thought that Jack Nicholson would've made a damn good Wolverine. But then, this was 1995, and he looked a lot younger then.

I tot he looked perfect for wolverine right now. :)

I tot they are going to tell us how Rogue and bobby......you know...... :)

Well, that's true. Wolverine is like 100 years old in the comic, and in the comic, he looks to be at least 40. Jack looks 40 on a good day, right? ;D And I'll be damned if he doesn't scare me a sh!tload more than Jackoff does.

As for Rogue and Bobby....ack. Kinda contrived. My guess is, Bobby figures out how to turn himself into ice, like in the comics, and when he's in ice form, they can get it on. Which, to me, sounds REALLY dumb, because it'd kinda be like screwing an ice sculpture, and I can't imagine that frostbite in the privates is very comfortable for a woman. But hey, this is hypothetical.

Haha, it'd be like a woman getting screwed with a popsicle stick;):Q I wonder how many women have tried...might be "stimulating" :Q:Q

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Oct 13, 1999
Yea, X2 was very good, better than the original imo. Very nicely done.

Saw the lengthy trailer of The Hulk, and frankly I don't like the over the top feel of the graphics.

I know Spiderman had great special effects but, they didn't go overboard with it either. Much more human element in it than most comic stories.

Now, The Matrix and the sequel, I believe can be over the top special effects wise and get away with it. They basically defined their own universal reality so it's hard to argue what is real and what can be done against the movie. The special effects on the trailer was amazing.

Now, I hope to see Tony Stark done up right, as he was my favorite childhood character.