x1900gt power connections


Senior member
Apr 10, 2004
Damn you, open box, damn you. I just got an open box Sapphire x1900GT that didn't come with it's 4-pin to 6-pin (pci-e) power converter cable. My mobo does have a PCIe extra power connecter (4-pin) next the slot, though, that says it will give extra power to the x16 slots. I'm assuming I can't just plug the 4pin into here and not worry about having to find a converter to plug into the main card power slot?

Also, my SLI mobo obviously has two PCIe x16 slots, marked 1 and 2. I don't like how my (rather expensive) VC is hovering literally one millimeter over the chipset heatsink, which apparently on this mobo gets extremely hot. Would it be alright to install the card into the 2nd slot and have nothing in the first?