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May 23, 2001
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looks like whole IDE channel is slow.. i don't know if it's the chip or not.. but i believe mobo is bad

can't be driver fault, because it's slow w/ regular MS IDE driver as well as latest Intel chipset driver.

(and WinXP installation is SLOW as heck.. )

did i get bad mobo? (i've tried flashing 3 times now)


I' finally got how to install RAID drivers in win steup w/out pressing f6..

but new problem begins there.

when setup is formating the partition (physically two WD2000JB in RAID 0 on onboard MBFasttrak 133 Lite) , it takes about 5 min for 60gb formating (quick format)

and computer response is REALLY slow, i can't even install the winxp...

i've tried different cables.. no luck,, can't find the updated BIOS ..

anyone have same problem?