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Question X-99 Pro 00 post code after attempting to wake from sleep


Senior member
Nov 29, 2004
Power went out early this morning. Put my PC into standby because UPS battery was draining. Power came back on few minutes later, try waking PC back up....post code stuck at 00. Pulled CMOS battery, reseated ram, same. When I power up it will turn on for a second, power down and then attempt to power up again but still be stuck at 00. All fans and whatnot spinning normally. What in the heck could have happened? Is it possibly my PSU? I mean my system was working 100% seeing how I put it into sleep mode right before this happened. I don't see much point in pulling everything apart since it was working fine. Ugh

Asus X99-Pro w/ 5820k
2 x 8GB Corsair LPX
Evga 750watt module psu