Wow, Admin-Mod for Counter-Strike (Half-Life) servers is awesome ...


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Oct 10, 1999
I just installed a great modification for Half-Life (Counter-Strike modification) called Admin-Mod on my server. It's for both Win32 as well as Linux. I run my server with it, and it will randomly script up and bring a "Vote map is on progress: Do such and such to vote for a map" and display it to each player on the screen. You can do admin_csay which will bring up green, blue, or whatever color you want graphics into the middle of the screen to announce something to players, like "No AWP is allowed on this map. Use will result in a ban!" or something similar. It really helps out.

If you want it, get it from I highly recommend it for all you server admins out there. I'm guessing the requirements aren't that high. Here's the specs for my server:

P3-450 @ 600
256MB PC133 (-mem 200 - dedicated to hlds_l .. Half-Life)
10GB 7200RPM
Quad Muxed T1's through QWest / XNet, Inc.
Running Linux 24/7 - Dedicated

Connect to "". No IP address is needed. If you live in the Illinois area your ping should be pretty good. If you don't, you might lag - so this is your warning :) Bad routes happen, do don't blame your ping on the serv! ;)

For all you admins out there, I highly recommend Admin-Mod. It makes your server shine :D